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How We Helped DiVibe to Come Alive

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We recently helped chair fitness business own Diane Lewis launch DiVibe during the COVID-19 pandemic. This launch consisted of us making her a website build complete with a booking system, photoshoot, promo video, motion graphic with voiceover and social media management to help her launch her business the right way.

It had been an impressive learning curve for DiVibe's Founder Diane. Diane's business went from in-person classes to no classes at all because of venue closures during this pandemic. 

In an attempt to still reach customers Diane pivoted and started to use Zoom to facilitate her classes. A steep learning curve for many of her customers but everyone got there eventually, this was all down to Diane who put the hours in, trained and helped to upskill many of her faithful customers to start using Zoom.

So what does DiVibe do? DiVibe provides seated fitness classes for people who want to get fit. All this is done from the comfort of a chair, and the results are amazing. In a session, you'll go through a wide range of routines while vibing to a classic medley of songs.

DiVibe classes are available to all, and for those who may be limited by movement, this is perfect for you. Bookings can be made directly on the website through a powerful booking tool that will send zoom class invites to attendees with ease.

So, If you are thinking of starting an online business but need the right person to help manage your digital transformation then get in touch today.

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