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Project highlight: Powerlase limited’s digital transformation

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When Powerlase Limited introduced its groundbreaking portable laser cleaning machine, the Vulcan 500, Powerlase sought a robust digital marketing and SEO strategy to amplify its reach. We were thrilled to take on this challenge.

Our Deliverables:

  • Website Creation: A user-friendly platform that showcased the Vulcan 500 and bolstered Powerlase's lead generation efforts, resulting in record website views and product inquiries.
  • Video Production: We crafted a captivating video to mark the launch of their high-powered laser. This video garnered over 547,000 views, resonating deeply with the laser enthusiast community.
  • Social Media Management: Our strategies propelled Powerlase's YouTube channel to over 1.4k subscribers, fostering a thriving community around their brand.
  • Lead Generation Strategy: Through targeted paid advertising and optimized website design, we achieved record lead conversions via direct traffic and social media platforms.

Key Achievements:

  • A staggering 342% surge in website traffic.
  • 106% YoY growth in website traffic after transitioning marketing in-house.
  • Enhanced lead generation through targeted advertising.
  • SEO strategies that tapped into new customer segments based on audience insights and digital tracking.
  • The commissioned product video, a cornerstone of their brand identity, has now surpassed 547k views.

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